Published and Accepted Papers

Nominal Wage Rigidity in Village Labor Markets,” Forthcoming, American Economic Review, 2018.
          Recipient of the Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award in Behavioural Economics.

          Coverage: Could this be the best paper on nominal wage rigidity? Marginal Revolution.

The Morale Effects of Pay Inequality (with Emily Breza and Yogita Shamdasani). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2018. 133(2): 611-663.
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          Coverage: “When Unequal Pay Makes Everyone Less Productive, Wall Street Journal.

Self-Control at Work” (with Michael Kremer and Sendhil Mullainathan). Journal of Political Economy, 2015. 123(6): 1227-1277 [lead article].
          [Online Appendix]
          Coverage: Looking at Productivity as a State of Mind,New York Times.

Self-Control and the Development of Work Arrangements(with Michael Kremer and Sendhil Mullainathan). American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2010. 100(2): pp. 624-628.

Working Papers

The Limits of Neighborly Exchange (with Ryan Bubb and Sendhil Mullainathan), 2018.

Scabs: The Social Suppression of Labor Supply” (with Emily Breza and Nandita Krishnaswamy), 2018.

Selected Work in Progress

Separation Failures: Market-Level Evidence for Labor Misallocation” (with Aprajit Mahajan)

“Testing for Labor Rationing: Revealed Preference Estimates from Demand Shocks” (with Emily Breza and Yogita Shamdasani)

“Does Poverty Lower Productivity?” (with Sendhil Mullainathan, Suanna Oh, and Frank Schilbach)

“The Poor Tax: Effects of Redistributive Pressure on Labor Supply in Cote D’Ivoire” (with Aletheia Donald, Eliana Carranza, and Florian Grosset)

“The Malleability of Sustained Attention” (with Christina Brown and Heather Schofield)