Published and Accepted Papers

Nominal Wage Rigidity in Village Labor Markets,” American Economic Review, 2019. 109(10): 3585-3616.
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          Recipient of the Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award in Behavioural Economics.

          Coverage: Could this be the best paper on nominal wage rigidity? Marginal Revolution.

The Morale Effects of Pay Inequality (with Emily Breza and Yogita Shamdasani). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2018. 133(2): 611-663.
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          Coverage: “When Unequal Pay Makes Everyone Less Productive, Wall Street Journal.

Self-Control at Work” (with Michael Kremer and Sendhil Mullainathan). Journal of Political Economy, 2015. 123(6): 1227-1277 [lead article].
          [Online Appendix]
          Coverage: Looking at Productivity as a State of Mind,New York Times.

Self-Control and the Development of Work Arrangements(with Michael Kremer and Sendhil Mullainathan). American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2010. 100(2): pp. 624-628.

Working Papers

Labor Rationing” (with Emily Breza and Yogita Shamdasani), Revise and Resubmit, American Economic Review.

Do Financial Concerns Make Workers Less Productive?” (with Sendhil Mullainathan, Suanna Oh, and Frank Schilbach).

The Limits of Neighborly Exchange (with Ryan Bubb and Sendhil Mullainathan).

“Propping Up the Wage Floor: Collective Labor Supply without Unions” (with Emily Breza and Nandita Krishnaswamy). [Email for draft]

Selected Work in Progress

“The Poor Tax: Redistributive Pressure and Labor Supply” (with Eliana Carranza, Aletheia Donald, and Florian Grosset)

“Attention as Human Capital” (with Christina Brown, Geeta Kingdon, and Heather Schofield)

Budget Neglect in Consumption Smoothing: A Field Experiment on Seasonal Hunger (with Ned Augenblick, Kelsey Jack, Felix Masiye, and Nicholas Swanson)

Separation Failures: Market-Level Evidence for Labor Misallocation” (with Claire Duquennois, Jeremey Magruder, and Aprajit Mahajan)