Curriculum Vitae


Associate Professor, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley (2023 - present)

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, UC Berkeley (2016 – 2023

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (2012 – 2016)


Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) (2014 – present)

Affiliate, Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development (BREAD) (2014 – present) 

Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) (2014 – present)

Research Affiliate, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), SME Initiative (2014 – present)

Research Affiliate, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) (2015 – present)

Affiliate, Poverty Action Lab (JPAL) (2015 – present)

Affiliate, CESifo (2015 – present)


Ph.D., Political Economy and Government (Economics), Harvard University (2007-2012)

M.P.A. in International Development (MPA/ID), Harvard University (2007)

B.S., Operations Research: Engineering Management Systems, Columbia University (2004)

Awards and Fellowships

National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2019-2024)

Sloan Research Fellowship (2018-2020)

Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award in Behavioural Economics (2015)

David A. Wells Prize for “outstanding original research in a dissertation”,  Harvard Economics Department (2012)

Giorgio Ruffolo Doctoral Fellow in Sustainability Science,  Harvard University (2010-2011)

Dissertation Fellow,  Project on Justice, Welfare, and Economics,  Harvard University (2009-2010)

Public Policy and International Affairs Fellow,  Harvard University (2005-2007)

Professional Activities

Scientific Director, Psychology and Economics of Poverty Initiative, CEGA and UC Berkeley

Faculty Steering Committee, Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA)

Executive Committee, Institute for South Asia Studies (ISAS), UC Berkeley

Excellence in Refereeing Award, American Economic Review: Insights, 2022

Referee: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics,  American Economic Journal: Economic Policy,  American Economic Review, Econometrica,  Economic Development and Cultural Change,  Economic Journal,  Journal of African Economies,  Journal of Development Economics,  Journal of the European Economic Association,  Journal of Political Economy,  Journal of Public Economics, Quarterly Journal of Economics,  Management Science,  Nature,  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,  Review of Economics and Statistics,  Review of Economic Studies,  Science

Published and Accepted Papers

“Cognitive Endurance as Human Capital” (with Christina Brown, Geeta Kingdon, and Heather Schofield), Conditionally accepted, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2022

Do Financial Concerns Make Workers Less Productive?” (with Sendhil Mullainathan, Suanna Oh, and Frank Schilbach), Conditionally accepted, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2022

“Labor Rationing” (with Emily Breza and Yogita Shamdasani), American Economic Review, 2021. 111(10): 3184-3224. 

“Nominal Wage Rigidity in Village Labor Markets,” American Economic Review, 2019. 109(10): 3585-3616.

“The Morale Effects of Pay Inequality” (with Emily Breza and Yogita Shamdasani), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2018. 133(2): 611-663.

“Self-Control at Work” (with Michael Kremer and Sendhil Mullainathan), Journal of Political Economy, 2015. 123(6): 1227-1277 [lead article].

“Self-Control and the Development of Work Arrangements” (with Michael Kremer and Sendhil Mullainathan), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2010. 100(2): 624-628.

Working Papers

“The Social Tax: Redistributive Pressure and Labor Supply” (with Eliana Carranza, Aletheia Donald, and Florian Grosset), Revise and resubmit, Econometrica

"Retrieval Failures in Consumption Smoothing: A Field Experiment on Seasonal Poverty" (with Ned Augenblick, Kelsey Jack, Felix Masiye, and Nicholas Swanson), Revise and resubmit, Quarterly Journal of Economics

“Coordination without Organization: Collective Labor Supply in Decentralized Spot Markets” (with Emily Breza and Nandita Krishnaswamy), Revise and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy

“The Limits of Neighborly Exchange” (with Ryan Bubb and Sendhil Mullainathan)

"Habit Formation in Labor Supply" (with Luisa Cefala, Heather Schofield, and Yogita Shamdasani)

Selected Research in Progress

Savings Constraints in Poverty” (with Jeremey Magruder)

"Biased Beliefs and Substance Abuse" (with Aprajit Mahajan and Shreya Sarkar)

“Wealth Effects in Female Labor Force Participation” (with Emily Breza, Madeline Duhon, and Yogita Shamdasani)

Selected Grants

CEGA Psychology and Economics of Poverty Initiative research grant (2023)

Agency Fund research grant (2022)

Structural Transformation and Economic Growth small research grant (2021)

USAID Development Innovation Ventures grant (2020)

Weiss Fund research grants (2019, 2020)

JPAL Jobs and Opportunity Initiative (2020)

Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk, and Resilience (2019)  

National Science Foundation CAREER award SES 1848452 (2019)

National Science Foundation research grant SES 1658937 (2017)

National Science Foundation research grant SES 1658931 (2017)

National Science Foundation research grant SES 1658924 (2017)

Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative pilot grant (2016)

National Science Foundation research grant SES 1459928 (2015)

Spencer Foundation research grant (2015)

Columbia President's Global Innovation Fund research grant (2015)

SIPA Faculty research grant (2015)

Research grant, International Growth Centre (IGC) (2014)

Research grant, Growth and Labour Markets in Low-Income Countries (GLM-LIC) (2014)

Exploratory grant, Private Enterprise Development for Low-Income Countries (PEDL) (2014)

Junior faculty grant, Office of the Provost, Columbia University (2013)

USAID Development Innovation Ventures grant (2012)

National Science Foundation research grant SES 0961857 (2009)

Warburg Funds research grant, Department of Economics, Harvard University (2009)

Research grant, Consortium on Energy Policy Research, Harvard University (2009)